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October 12, 2011



It's great to see people going up there.
I was in Rikuzen Takada in Sept.for a week and there is no town centre anymore. Nothing.. all gone.
The big difference with Ishinomaki & RT is the size of the place at the outset. RT population was not much more than 20,000. Ishinomaki would be close to 10 times that. RT destruction was almost certainly more complete, but the scale of damage in a city so much bigger makes everything so much more difficult - from getting getting basic services, to developing a "community spirit" to getting agreement about future plans, relocating kids into schools etc etc etc.

I'd love to see a 'tourism for reviving the regions' campaign in Japan.


Hi Cecilia, I totally agree with you on tourism for that area. We drove around Iwate and it is beautiful. I loved it and had a fleeting thought about just ditching Tokyo and living the simple life in Iwate with our savings. They really should exploit it. Anyway, you read my mind, I was going to close off my posts on the Tohoku trip with one on the beauty of Iwate and how they should encourage tourism there.


JR East has been reading your mind - or blog!


I forgot the link - you've probably seen them in the stations anyway.

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