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January 07, 2009



Making a mental note, Crystal Jade and DKNY cafe. You had me at the talk of a pastrami sandwich, ha ha ha. Also, what is the weather like there? I imagine it's hot, but like how hot? Would you say hotter then a Japanese summer? More hot, or less hot? How's the humidity?

Your brother looks like a very nice uncle! : )


Hey Gina, unfortunately the DKNY cafe has closed down. I am really sad about that one. Their pastrami was the best. The pastrami I have tried so far in Japan has been - er, different. Having said that, Starbucks now has a Filone Pastrami sandwich which is not too bad. The pastrami is supposed to be airflown from Italy.

Oh, Japanese summers are the worst! Nah, it is better than Japanese summers. But I would actually recommend not going in the months of June/July as it is quite hot. Dec/Jan is a nice time. Although it rains, the rain normally does not last long. And it kinda brings down the temperature. The humidity is high but Singapore is such an air-conditioned city and there is a lot of underground air-conditioned linkage, so it does not feel as bad as here in Japan.

Definitely e-mail me when you guys are going, I am more than happy to provide more specific info. I was going to reply to your comments when I posted this entry (which was actually written a few weeks back) but Taiga realised that I had sneaked out of bed and he was left alone (at 3am). So I had to run back up again to lie next to him and I fell asleep myself! Anyway, I have now responded to your earlier comments below.


Whoops you answered about the temp here and I went and asked you again down below. Ha ha ha. Sorry....I got it. It is better then a Japanese summer. So then that sounds good.

Seems really modern and like a cool place.

Do you have just 1 brother? Or do you have other siblings? I am an only child.

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