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December 20, 2007



Oh my friend. Your post has really touched me. Now wipes those eyes now sweetie and try not to cry anymore. I know you feel conflicted right now. Go or stay, go or stay. Old job, new job, old job, new job, Tough!!! And them not wanting to let you go, probably makes it even 100 times harder on you. If you ever need an ear who will listen, you have my email addy, use it. And I will listen to you, for an eternity if you'd like.

It's hard that now they appreciate you, now that it is too late isn't it? ha ha ha. Oh why oh why does life work out like this???

If you need me, I am here


What they are doing is emotional blackmail. This is really common in Japan, where the company expects a person to stay their whole life and no longer does much to deserve that. Believe me, whether you stay or not, change will come slow to that company.

It is nice to know that you are valued but the company made a mistake (or many) in not rewarding you with a better work environment. Your next company will definitely be better for you and your family, I can feel it!

PS. This is why most people lie about why they are quitting. "Family reasons" etc. when really they are just moving to gaishikei or whatever.


I know it seems hard now but you are such an amazing person you will be adored and successful at your new firm (hey your a Gemini right!). Congratulations and hope you had a great trip to Hong Kong. Sending you Tomo, Kai and Taiga love and well wishes for the New Year. (Sorry this is belated- just got back from Canada yesterday and looks like we both had an emotional Dec- hence no blog updates from me). Hopefully see you soon for catch-up.


Hi Gina, hi Jen, hi Lily!

Thanks for the offer Gina. When the resignation was finally formally accepted, it was less than a week to my proposed last day. So I was rushing around buying good-bye gifts, packing up my room, saying personal good-byes, attending farewell dos and packing for the HK trip which was the day immediately after my last day! But I will write to you soon though for the addy as the promised bacon has come back. Yippee!

Jen, yes, I feel that what the company offered after I tendered was too late. Although, my fellow foreign colleagues will now benefit from my departure (I will blog about it soon). Thanks for the vote of confidence for the new workplace!

Lily, I am soooo sorry to have missed you. I think you called me just before you left? I had made a mental note to call you before you left. Missed that. Made a mental note to e-mail you soon after you left to wish you a great time back home. Missed that. Made a mental note to e-mail you before I left for HK to wish you a happy new year. Missed that too! Argh. Anyway, hope to catch up with you soon!

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