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April 16, 2007



Wow! It looks amazing! I still haven't made my way there yet. What a great Sunday outing. I was looking into Jiyugaoka- it seems very charming. In June if everything is going fine we should celebrate our b-days by going there together (Just mama's- well and newborn). Masa bought me some St.Christophers tea and so I wanted to go to their shop- turns out it is a teahouse with an English Garden- have you been there? Seems like such a feminine area- a great place to hang out with just women.
Tomo (your Tomo) is so lucky to work there!
Thanks for the pics- much better than my out-of focus shots taken by my Tomo. I will use them on my blog. Don't Kai and Tomo look so cute holding hands?


Yeah, I love, love, love Jiyugaoka. Such a village feeling to it. Your husband bought you tea? And from St. Christopher's? Even though Tomo goes there almost everyday, he has never bought me tea from St. Christophers! Let's do a b'day celebration there (and it's good that you are open to breastfeeding in public cos I think Jiyugaoka is one of those places that you have to ....)!


Heidi, thank you so much for posting the pics of the new Lalaport!!! I wanna go there even more so now! In your first pic, was that a Banana Republic in the background? Also, making cookies with the kids sounds soo cool!Sounds like a great mall! : )


Yes, that's Banana Republic. But they seem quite expensive in Japan. That or my sense of value of money has changed since having kids! And also, I was in one of their shops last week trying jeans. I tried the largest size that they sell. It was a struggle pulling it up my calves and 1/2 of my hip and bum already took up all the space that I did not bother pulling the other pants leg!!

I think you guys should do a 3-day travel in Yokohama! No point coming all the way here just for LaLaport. You should also check out Yokohama city and the safari next to Mt. Fuji. Highly recommended, esp for the kids! Let me know if you ever do this, and I'll send you my recommendations!


Okay thanks I would really like to head to Yokohama and I totally would ask you for all the rec's, since I know you know that good stuff, he he.

Banana Republic is sorta high in Japan eh? Ouch that doesn't sound too good for me either. I shop their outlet in the US. But even in the US, I don't pay full price unless it's marked down and on sale. LOL I'm a cheapskate here! : ) Would you believe I have never seen a BR store in Japan until I saw your picture. Very surpised, so thanks. And if you couldn't fit in the jeans Heidi, then I *know* my big ol' butt totaly couldn't fit in them. Ahhhh, bummer! : ( Thanks again : )

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