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April 17, 2007



Wow.. can I leave Keira with you to attend daycare with Kai? ;)


Kai sounds like a sweetheart! By the way, I really like Japanese schools too. : )


Wen-Li, you sure can! But you have to make an obento first! :-)

Yeah Gina, Japanese schools are quite something isn't it? And I was surprised to read on your blog how they ease the kids into and out of the school-year, by gradually increasing, reducing the hours! No wonder the daycare was shocked when on Kai's first day in daycare, I wanted him in for as long as possible until they closed at 9pm. They were shocked! They gave me a schedule to ease him in. The recommended only 3 hours for the 1st day! Finally, they let me sort of have it my way, just that for the 1st week, I could not pick up later than 6pm. Which as a mom working full-time, i thought was pretty absurd. And maybe being Chinese (or of Chinese descent, to be more precise), as I was paying them on a per-hour basis at that point in time, I could not understand why they would not let Kai stay till 9pm when they could clearly make more money, esp with the extra surcharge at night. I guess I now appreciate the Japanese mentality that it is not always the money!


Kai really is a sweetie. I am so impressed what a good boy he is. I am so glad that Tomo and him are able to "hang-out".


I have been also been very impressed by the Japanese preschools. I was nervous to send them at first by my fears were soon put to rest.

It's amazing how much effort is put into the events and activities.


Hi Sarah! Yes, the effort and time put in by the teachers is amazing. Despite all that, they are always so cheerful. They must really like kids to be that dedicated. I would have gone bonkers from the start!

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